Monday, June 13, 2011

K is for Kiwi

I'm friends with several lovely New Zealanders (none of whom I've met in person, but I still feel as though I know them!) so my choice for K in Ben Towle's Animal Alphabet was a natural.

Ball-point pen, marker & white gouache on brown paper, fiddled in Photoshop.

p.s. Ben has a great interview out on Comics Reporter


Ces said...

This is a wonderful kiwi specimen. It reminds me of antique prints. I think this is the month of kiwis!

Anonymous said...

I’m very interested in expressive typography, and this is a very stylish Kiwi. Is there a story behind your New Zealand connections, and your illustrations for Anthony Holcraft’s book to be published by Penguin New Zealand? Enjoy your upcoming animation studies.

Curious Art said...

Thanks, Ces & Susan Charlotte!
I "met" Anthony when I illustrated a story of his for Cricket Magazine years ago. We've been pen/internet pals ever since. Over the years I've done a couple of book covers for his story collections, a catalog cover for his wife Julia's music school, & most recently the picture book for Penguin, which happens to be based on that very first story! (To be published in 2012.)