Monday, August 15, 2011

T is for Tahr

This week's entry for Ben Towle's Animal Alphabet.
Ball-point, marker & white gel-pen on brown paper, fooled with in Photoshop.

(Pssst! By the way, if you're looking for the missing "S" you'll find it on my Oddments blog.)


Loops O'Fury said...

This turned out great. I love the dainty little legs sticking out under all that silky fur.

I'm glad somebody did a tahr. I had a hard time deciding between drawing a tahr or a takin.

Isaac said...

I had never heard of either a tahr or a takin before today! Apparently I need to brush up on my Himalayan hooved animals.

Get this (form Wikipedia): "the Himalayan Tahr remains relatively widespread in the Himalayas, and has been introduced to the Southern Alps of New Zealand, where it is considered a pest animal and is hunted recreationally."

I learn something new every day. (And more than one thing on Mondays!)