Monday, September 19, 2011

Y is for Yellow-Bellied Water Skink

This week's entry for Ben Towle's Animal Alphabet is a super-quickie, because it's my husband's birthday & we spent last night doing some advance celebrating.

Interesting how many yellow-bellied whatsits are represented in nature's alphabet. I don't recall so many other belly-color names showing up. And I don't think there are any lily-livered skinks, &c., so it's not that they were all named by B Western characters. Which just reminded me of that lovely oath from Zorro, "meal mush & goat's milk!"

Enough tangents! And sorry, skink, for putting you through such contortions to simulate a "Y". You may stretch out now.
Ball-point, marker & white gouache on brown paper, with some Photoshop tweaking.

Oops, one more tangent: today is the day when my Curiotype alphabet finally overtakes Animal Alphabet (assuming I can get that one finished along with birthday doings). Feels a bit sad to have both of them drawing to a close...


Loops O'Fury said...

Yes! There are a lot of yellow-bellied somethings out there! Nice work!

Isaac said...

Aren't there plans for another "lap" through the alphabet using imaginary creatures? I know I'm hoping to do it.

Curious Art said...

Thanks Lupi! Your Yaffle is gloriously yellow-bellied in plumage, if not in name.

Isaac, somehow I missed that plan-- but I'd love to be in on it!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh goodness!!! I missed all of these beautiful paintings and illustrations!!! These are the more proper cousins of the alphaBeasts. I drew an abecedarian series before. I am inspired to do another one.

Happy Easter!!!