Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ghostly Presence

After scanning in my sketch & refining, roughly coloring, & working out the collage elements in Photoshop, I print out the collage base (I have an archival Epson printer & I use archival paper as well) & begin adding the earliest glazes. Before I collage it to the canvas I want the border colors in so that they don't end up puddling over the edges, & the main figure colors so I know I'm off on the right track before committing it to canvas. So I usually begin with light, thin glazes, again painting/blotting/drying until the basic colors are blocked in.

Then I glue it down with Golden Open Gel.

Please click the image for details. To see all the posts in this process, please click the "Goodly Creature" tab.

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ColleenKG said...

Hi Curious Art. I found my way back to Flickr and revisited my favorites. (I found your blog that way). Love your work it make me smile and am so intrigued by your imagery and process. Thanks.