Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Head Shot

This is a very-nearly-finished state of Goodly's head. All the colors have been built up as I described before (paint-blot-repeat) with glazes of Golden fluid acrylic, sometimes mixed with open medium, sometimes just with water, depending on the effect I was after. Each area of the painting has at least 4 or 5 layers of paint. Even the whites are laid on thin in multiple glazes. The finished surface is quite smooth.

Please click the image for details. To see all the posts in this process, please click the "Goodly Creature" label below.


Andrew Finnie said...

Hello Leah, good to see you working so hard. Thank you so much for sharing your process. The head is looking great. And I love how you have altered the text. And it's a gifted idea to join all those canvasses.

I'm just starting on the road to collageing my digital work so I find your process so very encouraging.

cheers from Australia

PS the people I share a studio with keep saying "What are you doing?" and I keep saying "I have know idea". :)

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Thanks for sharing your process-I didn't realize that the base collage is photoshopped- that answers my question of "how does she find ephemera that fits so perfectly to the size of her canvas??" Now I know!

To answer your question about the doll parts and where I find them- I started on ebay 2 years ago- now the sellers in Germany, where the doll parts are excavated out of the ground are found, contact me directly.