Friday, September 24, 2010

Running Out of Ink

As much as I crave novelty in some things, in other ways, I'm extremely old-fashioned-- especially when it comes to pens. Nothing feels as right as a dip pen in my hand, & when I'm at home I write nearly everything (down to checks & shopping lists) with my trusty Hunt 108.

Back in the day, all my professional calligraphy was also done with ink on paper. But inevitably I've found the ability to move things around & change them on the computer to be a huge time-saver, & more & more of my lettering work ends up being pixel or vector based. There's a lot to like about doing professional work on the computer. But I will never love the physicality of it it the way I love the feeling of a nicely-inked pen on good paper!

This piece is a "curiollage" I did a few years back when I was feeling conflicted about the whole digital direction of my work. It's acrylic on Sculpey, found objects & paper sewn down on the back of a stretched 9x12" canvas. Most of the paper elements are from a great antique office supply catalog.


Juan said...

Wonderful piece Leah!!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

this is great! I love how you added the ephemera onto the frame and very clever to make the body out of the old stamp pad.

I have a love/hate relationship with my computer as well. But it is amazing and it does streamline a lot of work!

Elizabeth Parsons said...

every airport needs a 'recombobulation area' funny is that? love it!